VA - Everything Is Possible

by Compiled by Tuatara

Rain of Dub 04:24
Gravity 07:26
Universalis 04:03
Heartbeat 07:17
Mechta 06:48
Close To Me 06:11


Trimurti Records proudly invites you on a sparkling voyage through an audio dimension of our feelings, emotions and imagination. Gliding over vibrating lands of psychedelic downtempo, resonating in magnetic fields of peaceful harmonies, diving into elastic oceans of groovy bass waves, your celestial sound body is transmitted to extra-terrestrial sonic atmospheres, observing itself as an infinite being in a dramatically interconnected web of sounds - from elegant synthetic glitches and romantic pads to supernatural vocals, funky guitars and lyrical keys.

Mastering and gentle frequency carving has been performed by Juergen Taruna in Stargate Studio (Bali, Indonesia). The visual reflection of the stereo panorama is streamed from an oil painting by surreal fine artist Adrian Borda (Mures, Romania). The graphic transformations of canvas and paints into digital masks and saturated layers of multimedia data has been processed by Manu Eyengine in Osirion Studio (Bali, Indonesia). The concept and creative collaboration networks are evolved by Alex Tuatara (Minsk, Belarus).

Trilogy chapter I, VA - Everything Is Possible:

Trilogy chapter II, VA - Art Of Balance:

Trilogy chapter III, VA - Freedom Of Expression:


released May 25, 2012

Artists credits:

01. Antara - Rain of Dub
w&p by Andrei Shereshovets @ Antara Studio (Minsk, Belarus)

02. Tymek - The Food of Love
w&p by Tymoteusz Kasperowicz @ Shangri-la Studio (Minsk, Belarus)

03. Pi-project - Gravity
w&p by Andrey Pihtin @ Pi Studio (Himalaya, India)

04. Astronaut Ape - Universalis
w&p by Oleg Belousoff @ Astronaut Ape Studio (St.Petersburg, Russia)

05. ByTheRain - Interstellar Medium
w&p by Burak Ozsoy @ Nabura Studio (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

06. Chaotic Echoes - Nebesnoe Telo
w&p by Alexander & Olga Khasaiya @ Quarantine Studio (Moscow, Russia)

07. Hmmka - Controlled Stupidity
w&p by Maxim Sologub @ Amanita Studio (Minsk, Belarus)

08. Tymek - Heartbeat
w&p by Tymoteusz Kasperowicz @ Shangri-la Studio (Minsk, Belarus)

09. Pi-project - Mechta
w&p by Andrey Pihtin @ Pi Studio (Himalaya, India)

10. Taruna - Close to Me
w&p by Juergen Taruna @ Taruna Stargate Studio (Bali, Indonesia)

Mastering by Taruna @ Taruna Stargate Studio (Bali, Indonesia)

Artwork by Adrian Borda @ Borda Studio (Mures, Romania)

Cover design by Eyengine @ Osirion Studio (Bali, Indonesia)

Compiled by Tuatara (Minsk, Belarus)




Trimurti Records Sydney, Australia

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