VA - Art Of Balance

by Compiled by Tuatara



Trimurti Records is proud to present you the second part of chillout compilation series by DJ Tuatara - Art Of Balance. Coming as the heart of the trilogy, this selection of tracks highlights the brightly blooming branches of psychedelic chillout music tree: crystal clear vocals, advanced bassline resolutions, full impact of psychedelic IDM structures in percussions and hihat finishing, significant trend of blending multiple melodic stories within a single song, strong touch of tribal themes, and a penetration of progressive rock nostalgy in modern electronic music. Dedicated to a wide range of listeners, from party freaks and DJs to audiophiles and sound engineers, this release takes us into the romantic drama of styles' fusions and transitions between psychill, liquid dub, downtempo, trip hop, glitch, rock, IDM and world music.

Trilogy chapter I, VA - Everything Is Possible:

Trilogy chapter II, VA - Art Of Balance:

Trilogy chapter III, VA - Freedom Of Expression:


released January 25, 2013

catalog number: TRIMDIG07


01. Astronaut Ape - Your Personal Moon
w&p by Oleg Belousoff @ Astronaut Ape Studio (St.Petersburg, Russia)

02. Heavenly Father - Laboratory Level
w&p by Ryan Sweeten @ Heavenly Father Studio (Los Angeles, USA)

03. Dream Stalker - Magic Mushrooms
w&p by Nikita Stalker @ Dream Stalker Studio (St.Petersburg, Russia)

04. Tymek - Warsaw Bridge
w&p by Tymoteusz Kasperowicz @ Shangri-la Studio (Minsk, Belarus)

05. eniChkin - Tribute To The Doors
w&p by The Doors & remixed by Sergey Nazarenko @ Enichkin Studio (Moscow, Russia)

06. Nocti Luca - Follow The Signs
w&p by Georg Bauer @ Nocti Luca Studio (Berlin, Germany)

07. Erot - Eclipse (ByTheRain Remix)
w&p by Tore Mortensen @ Erot Studio (Aalborg, Denmark) & remixed by Burak Ozsoy @ Nabura Studio (Istanbul, Turkey)

08. Dream Stalker - Ubud Eve
w&p by Nikita Stalker @ Dream Stalker Studio (St.Petersburg, Russia)

09. Taruna & Pi-project - Faze
w&p by Juergen Taruna @ Taruna Stargate Studio (Bali, Indonesia) & Andrey Pihtin @ Pi Studio (Himalaya, India)

10. Wavespell - Shambala Groove
w&p by Olivier Abitbol & Olivier Aubin @ Studio de la Jonquiere (Paris, France)


DJ Tuatara (Minsk, Belarus)


Tracks #1, #3-10 by Fahad Abdulaal @ 2Hz Studio (Melbourne, Australia)

Track #2 by Bill Day @ Mr.Bill Studio (Sydney, Australia)


Oil painting "Artist In Love" by Adrian Borda @ Borda Studio (Mures, Romania)

Cover design by Angelos Zs @ i.Fields Studio (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Digital retouch by Denni Mareta @ Faura Studio (Moscow, Russia)


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All songs are the property of their respected authors, except song 07. Erot - Eclipse (ByTheRain Remix) which is courtesy of Altar Records (

Digitally released on 25.01.2013 @ Trimurti Records for benefit of all possible beings.




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Musical wave of Trimurti is trance of different kinds, the music which has the power and strength, energy and rhythm, hypnotizing melody that opens people's minds into a state of absolute freedom of spirit and body.

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