Astronaut Ape - Universalis

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Koen Veldeman
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Koen Veldeman I accidentally stumbled upon this track on Ektoplazm, and was instantly in love. I couldn't (and still can't) stop myself from listening to it in a loop! In fact, this track rekindled my interest in electronic music after a hiatus of about a year... Fantastic kazoo-like filter sounds, chopped voice, bell-like melodies and a deep and relaxed beat come together to make one of my personal favorite tracks of all time. A big thank you to the artist for making this!


from VA - Everything Is Possible, released May 25, 2012




Trimurti Records город Москва, Russian Federation

Musical wave of Trimurti is trance of different kinds, the music which has the power and strength, energy and rhythm, hypnotizing melody that opens people's minds into a state of absolute freedom of spirit and body.

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